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About Us

Locally owned and operated in Muskegon, MI., we are here for your tech repair needs.  With over a dozen years of repair experience, iRepair is readily available for the majority of your tech device repair needs.  Offering competitive pricing, premium parts and services, and repair options not performed by most other competitors in the local market.


Our goal is to offer one of the largest assortments of repair options around. We take pride in providing  honest, dependable, and unmatched quality repairs in West Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Hours Of Operation

      Day                                Business Hours

   Monday                           10:00am-7:00pm

  Tuesday                           10:00am-7:00pm

Wednesday                       10:00am-7:00pm

  Thursday                         10:00am-7:00pm

     Friday                            10:00am-7:00pm

  Saturday                          10:00am-7:00pm

      Sunday                            C   

Available for repairs 365 days a year unless otherwise updated on google business page.

On-stie technician hours are 10am-7pm

Mon-Sat. and 11am-5pm on Sunday. After-hours appointments are available and can be made 30 minutes before arrival. A non-refundable $25.00 holding deposit is required for after-hours appointments and will be applied toward the repair.


iRepair reserves the right to reject any repair.  Although we are not an Apple Certified repair center, we offer a wider and more affordable range of repairs.  Due to technology that companies have proprietary rights to (examples: Touch ID, Face ID, True Tone, specialty biometric scanners/sensors, and other owned technologies), we may not be able to restore certain functions of a device based on the extent of the damage.  Check with the manufacturer of your device before submitting for repair, as opening the device voids most warranties and servicing by said manufacturers. Not all device issues are repairable.  We will do everything we can to fix your device, but certain levels of damage are deemed non-repairable.  Non-repairable or "no fix" attempts will still require a paid fee for the labor and attempted repair.  We look to repair what you ask of us, which means we do not inspect all functions of a device.  We do our best to perform a standard checklist testing of general functions which can become restricted based on the level of damage a device has suffered.  If a device is not powering on to be tested, we are not responsible for other potential issues that may exist not related to the repair.  All checked in and accepted repair attempts will undergo diagnostic testing to try assessing the proper solution for your device.  Our technicians do their best to be as up front and explanatory about your device issues and potential complications up front so nothing is a surprise.  Not all possible complications can be covered since all tech devices are complex, computer-like items.  Device repairs not paid in full or picked up within 30 days (without communication or other agreed arrangements) will be disposed of and/or recycled.  We will make 3 contact attempts regarding your repair. 1st attempt: device repair attempt completion or success. 2nd attempt: one week after the first call. 3rd attempt: 1 week before 30 day period expires.  A contact number will be required and confirmed with all customers dropping off repairs.  Calls not answered will be left a voicemail and iRepair is not responsible for voicemail boxes being full, not being setup, or unanswered calls. All call attempts will be logged and stored for 6 months for verification and legal purposes. Parts required for repairs may need to be ordered before performing a repair.  If a particular part that is required for testing or repair of your device does need to be ordered, iRepair will request  a non-refundable deposit of half of the repair cost be put down to insure likelihood of said repair to be completed. Standard estimated delivery times are 3-5 business and there could be delays in shipping that are not the fault of our company and we ask for customers to be patient and understanding with the shipping process. Some repairs may exceed the estimated repair time frame or require other parts/services depending on the damage.  Any added issues will be immediately communicated to the customer before proceeding further with the repair.  Any additional issues detected will halt the repair until customer confirms with the technician what direction they would like to go with the repair. That delay in repair can extend the estimated repair time given when device was dropped off.  Repair estimates/quotes are based off of the current part cost and regularly fluctuating.  We will try to maintain consistency of pricing, but there are times when a repair may be one price and the next day it could be different.  Certain phone models will display "warning" screens stating that official parts were not used and that is due to aftermarket parts being used and not going through the manufacturer. This is how the customer will typically pay a reduced repair cost compared to a manufacturer.  Any device that needs to be cleaned that has any contaminants or infestation will be quarantined and automatically incur added hazard and cleaning fees totaling 150.00 on top of the repair cost. If the customer isn't wanting the device repaired, it will be quarantined and returned to the customer in it's current state with no liability or fault of iRepair and still be subjected to a hazard fee for professionals to clean or exterminate at a rate of 85.00.  No debates or refunds will be applicable in contaminated instances.

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