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Soldering circuit board

Board Repair

Liquid damage, faulty components, device trauma, and after-market chargers are lead causes for a board to need repair.  We specialize in diagnosing and repairing boards in most daily used tech devices to keep you going.  IC chips, capacitors, HDMI and charging ports, Tristar/Hydra chips, and other micro soldering repairs can resolve these issues.

Game Console
Phone repair
Image by Thom Bradley

Phone Repair

Broken screen? Muffled audio or no sound? Bad battery? Charging problems? We have the answer and can repair most general issues within an hour.

Video Game Console

Game Console Repair

Regular gamer wear and tear can lead to issues with your gaming system.  Whether it's a no display issue, disc drive malfunction, not powering on, or just a cleaning...bring it to us and we can do our best to get you back in the game.

Image by Andras Vas

Laptop Repair

Sometimes keyboards stop working, trackpads don't track anymore, displays get broken, or your laptop just won't power on. Bring it to us and let our technicians find a repair solution for you.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Tablet Repair

If the glass or display is broken, tablet isn't charging, battery dying rapidly, or just something else, we have you covered.  Make an appointment today to restore life back to your tablet.

Smart Watch
Smart Watch

Smart Watch Repair

If your battery isn't holding a charge or you've cracked your screen, you know what time it is.  No, it's not time to buy a new one. Reach out to us and see what our repair specialists can do to save your watch.


Computer Repair

Our experienced technicians can upgrade your RAM, increase your storage space, build you a custom PC, perform data recovery, or simply clean up your computer.  Let us know what we can do for your PC.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a wide range of repair services and use high quality and premium aftermarket parts.  While all repairs are not a guaranteed fix, we do back the successful repairs we are able to perform with a lifetime defect warranty. 

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