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Why Choose Us?

There are several other repair shops and options out around.  What makes iRepair special? We offer the most repair options and solutions in Muskegon and West Michigan. Our prices are competitive. The services and parts used are some of the best aftermarket quality parts on the market.  Our staff is honest, reputable, experienced, and will take great care in servicing your devices. 


Our technicians take pride in repair attempts.  To us, there's no better feeling than knowing we were able to fix your device and restore it back to functionality.  We take special care of your device and utilize our experience to quickly, but efficiently get your phone, tablet, watch, computer, laptop, or gaming system running properly again.




At iRepair, we've literally witnessed almost the entire evolution of technology and what makes these devices run.  From old Motorola flip phones on the iDen network, slide up keyboard phones, dial-up modems, 256MB hard drives, and the Atari 2600 game's been quite the journey.  Armed with a vast array of knowledge and expertise, our staff is ready to serve you and do what is within our power to find the solution you seek.



We are all human.  Shocking, I know! There aren't always answers to questions or solutions to problems. No matter the situation, the technical team we have will give it to you straight. The result may not be what you want to hear, but it will be the truth to the best of our knowledge and research.  Not fixable? We will tell you and why that is. Worth the price? We'll gladly explain that too.

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